Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM Standing Desks

Converts any desk to a standing desk 30 adjustable heights Lighter frame with slim table-top 3 sizes
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Portable, easy to transition – easy to carry
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Best-Seller. Thinner depth of 40cm
  • Supports SINGLE or DUAL monitor screens
  • 30 adjustable heights
  • Corner desk design adjusts to any user height
  • Black or White. 3-year warranty

  • All Yo-Yo DESK® standing desks have been designed by ergonomic experts – with "ease of use" central to our design philosophy
  • Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM range has a slim desktop and lighter frame than the Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC range. Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC has a 19cm deeper desktop providing a larger desk space.
  • Both Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC and SLIM ranges deliver smooth height adjustment making them both perfect standing desk solutions.
  • Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC has 15 adjustable heights while Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM has 30 adjustable heights and glides more lightly due to its lower weight.
  • Yo-Yo DESK® CLASSIC is more suitable for users who need more desktop space and have more desktop weight (ie monitors) to be placed on the desktop. Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM is more suitable for users who need less desktop space or users below 162 who need to have more height adjustment options at the lower level.
  • Since its launch Yo-Yo DESK® has featured across all media including a major health experiment conducted by BBC TV "How to Stay Young". Customers love Yo-Yo DESK® and how it has improved their wellbeing.

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