Benefits Of A Mat

You can’t have one without the other ...

Health experts around the world are advising office workers to stand more and sit less. Standing at work is important for health, but it’s vital that we do it safely and comfortably to reduce the risk of associated musculoskeletal strains and injuries.

We believe everyone who uses a Standing Desk or Sit-Stand Desk will benefit from using a Yo-Yo Mat®, our anti-fatigue mat. Here’s why:
  • Standing in one position on hard surfaces puts extra pressure on the walls of veins making the heart work harder and causing feet to swell; conditions that can lead to pain and physical fatigue/injury
  • The cushioning of a mat encourages regular foot movement (even when you stand in static position) as your feet sub-consciously adapt to the mat’s surface, which helps stimulate foot movement and blood circulation. Subtle movement forces the foot and calf muscles to expand and contract, which activates the venous pump, circulating the blood.
  • An anti-fatigue mat effectively helps to reduce pressure, risk of pain and boosting blood circulation in your legs.

Anti-Fatigue Mat – Benefits

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces aches
  • Improves productivity