Anti-Fatigue Mat

Combat Fatigue and Enhance Well-Being with a Standing Mat

Discover the benefits of ergonomic anti-fatigue mats for your standing desk. Reduce fatigue, stimulate movement, and protect your joints with our premium selection of standing mats. Plus, enjoy an exclusive 50% OFF with any standing desk purchase!

Anti-fatigue mats are essential for enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue during prolonged standing in the workplace. Our Active Feet solutions encourage frequent micro-movements, stimulating blood flow and protecting your joints from aches and pains.

Avoid the risks of static standing with the Yo-Yo Mat®. Static standing can lead to fatigue and minor pain in the feet, according to international research. Utilising an anti-fatigue mat while standing can help stimulate greater movement and reduce the risk of associated musculoskeletal strains and injuries.

  • Reduces fatigue and dull acheReduces fatigue and dull ache
  • Dimensions: 77cm x 50cmDimensions: 77cm x 50cm
  • Anti-fatigue standing desk matAnti-fatigue standing desk mat
  • Dimensions: 92cm x 50cmDimensions: 92cm x 50cm
  • Flex zones stimulate greater movementFlex zones stimulate greater movement
  • Boosts blood circulation Boosts blood circulation
  • Reduce fatigue and increase comfortReduce fatigue and increase comfort
  • 10-Year warranty10-Year warranty

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Quick Info
What is an anti-fatigue mat?

Experts recommend all Sit-Stand desk users should use an anti-fatigue mat or balance board when working from a standing position.

Anti-fatigue mats improve comfort and reduce fatigue when standing in the workplace. Most importantly all our Active Feet solutions encourage the user to make frequent micro movements from foot to foot.

Why is micro-movement important? Firstly, it stimulates blood flow by forcing your foot and calf muscles to expand and contract. Secondly it protects your joints and musculoskeletal system from aches and pains.

Remember we offer 50% OFF all our Active Feet solutions when you buy a Yo-Yo DESK® standing desk.

What are the risks involved in prolonged standing for long hours?

International research tells us that extended periods of static standing without foot movement, will lead to fatigue and minor pain in the feet.

We recommend getting up every 30 minutes and start off your day working from a standing position while you check your emails and diary for the day. Then switch to a seated position for in-depth report writing, then back to standing when you take and make phone calls.

Why should one use an anti-fatigue mat while standing?

Health experts recommend anti-fatigue mats for standing desk users to stimulate greater movement and reduce risk of “static standing” and associated musculoskeletal strains and injuries while working on your feet.

Remember we offer 50% OFF all our Active Feet solutions when you buy a Yo-Yo DESK® standing desk.

Benefits of using a standing desk mat

We offer the widest range of Active Feet solutions in are leaders in the market. With all Yo-Yo MAT® and Yo-Yo BOARD® solutions you benefit from:

Remember we offer 50% OFF all our Active Feet solutions when you buy a Yo-Yo DESK® standing desk.

How to choose your anti-fatigue mat
Things to be aware of before purchasing a standing desk mat
Different sizes available for these mats
Mats vs boards: pros and cons for both
  • How to clean and maintain your anti-fatigue mat

    A Yo-Yo MAT® is easily cleaned by simply wiping down with a damp cloth. Dry before using.

    Our anti-fatigue standing desk mats carry a 10-year warranty so you can be sure your mat is tough and durable with minimum maintenance.

  • WHY Yo-Yo DESK®?

    Since we got going in 2014, it has been Yo-Yo DESK®’s mission to convert sedentary offices to active, healthy and productive workplaces, by creating the world’s favourite range of standing desks.

    Yo-Yo DESK® is the UK’s #1 brand for standing desks and growing super-fast throughout the rest of Europe. Here are a few reasons why;

    1. Our desks are high quality, durable and stylish. We offer a warranty of up to seven years and 30-day Money Back Guarantee

    2. We have the widest range of active office solutions to suit all workplaces, needs and budgets

    3. Our desk converters can be used straight out of the box; and our standing desks can be fully customised to your requirements

    4. We offer FREE delivery and installation service in addition to 50% off all Active Feet solutions with each of our standing desks

    5. We are a UK-based business with expert sales staff who pride themselves on ensuring you get the optimal solution to help you get moving

    6. Our founder, Gavin Bradley, is the UK’s thought leader on Active Working, dedicating much of his time to the non-profit advocacy and campaigns of Active Working CIC.