Ask Linda

Hi, I’m Linda, a chartered physiotherapist. I’m here to help you move more at work. I treat a lot of patients who suffer from work related conditions and believe passionately that using active office equipment correctly will improve you back health and reduce many health risks

Find out more by watching my expert videos below and remember to read the Yo-Yo DESK® Guidelines included with your desk.


Investing in your health by using a Yo-Yo DESK® desk is the first step towards improved workplace wellbeing.
We want you to benefit as much as possible from your active working purchase.

  1. Take regular mini-breaks throughout your work day.
  2. Stretch, use the stairs and walk around (especially when on the phone).
  3. Movement throughout your work day will help prevent aches, boost your metabolism and improve your wellness.
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Health disclaimer:
Participation in any type of exercise requires some physical exertion. If you have any concerns about your health, you may want to check with a doctor first. If at any stage, you feel dizzy, faint or in pain, stop immediately. You choose to do these exercises at your own risk. Yo-Yo DESK® and YogaTonic UK will not be responsible or liable for any injury you sustain from following our DESK YOGA videos.