• Home office standing desk with single motor for standard heights
  • Robust steel frame extendable to multiple widths
  • Standard height for users up to 185cm
  • High stability & performance. Economy price
  • Standard height corner desk (L-Shape)
  • Robust and stable: reinforced steel frame and feet.
  • Special Offer: Unbeatable value. Save £300
  • Double desk with excellent stability and performance
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Black or White. 3-year warranty
  • Supports SINGLE or DUAL monitor screens
  • Best-Seller. Split level worktop 89cm wide
  • Supports a SINGLE monitor screen
  • Best-Seller. Thinner depth of 40cm
  • Supports SINGLE or DUAL monitor screens
  • 30 adjustable heights
  • Burn more calories by converting sitting time into "active time"
  • Perfect for both office or home
  • Optimal sit-stand solution for classroom or dynamic work environments
  • Kids improve learning and performance if using a standing desk
  • Ergonomic curved edge seat for optimal posture and spine position
  • Anti-fatigue mat to encourage movement, reducing fatigue