Using a Yo-Yo Desk® helped ex-policeman shed 13 YEARS off his body age in BBC’s How to Stay Young experiment.

One of the biggest take-aways from How to Stay Young (BBC1, episode 3, 27/9/2017) was the importance of keeping moving throughout your working day. The benefits of using a Yo-Yo Desk® were clear. As presenter Dr Chris van Tulleken said: “If you want to stay young, sitting less and standing more is one of the easiest things you can do.”

He introduced obese ex-policeman Rich Jones to the Yo-Yo-Desk® 90, encouraged him to use it in 20-minute blocks throughout the working day, and saw him lose 11 KILOS in body fat, drop 13 YEARS off his body age, and increase his activity levels from 53 to 338 minutes a day.

“This national epidemic of sitting down is literally killing us,” Dr Chris explained. “In standing up you have to make little adjustments to your body the whole time, your bones are bearing weight and it’s stressing your body in a very positive way.”

Using the Yo-Yo Desk®, Guinea pig Chris increased his calorie burn by 120 per day or 30,000 calories a year: the equivalent of running 10 marathons.

But it’s not all about the calorie burn. A major benefit of using a standing desk and alternating between sitting and standing during your working day is that standing up activates muscles in your legs, back and feet. It improves your core strength, boosts energy, motivation and creativity, and that improves your mental health too. It reduces your blood pressure and your risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Proof that the Yo-Yo Desk® is an instant way to reduce the ageing effects of sitting all day long.

It costs just £249 to get hold of our entry-level Yo-Yo Desk® MINI: a small investment in your health that has big benefits for your quality of life and the health of the nation. It’s no wonder that sit-stand desks are recommended by medical professionals including Public Health England.