The worlds’ favourite standing desk range

Since our launch in 2014 it has been our mission to convert sedentary offices to active, healthy and productive workplaces, by creating the worlds’ favourite standing desk range.

Yo-Yo Desk® is now getting over 20 countries and 10,000 customers moving more. You can find it everywhere in places ranging from: Ministries to Royal Palaces, TV companies to Film Studios, ATP Tour to UEFA Football Club offices, NATO to Greenpeace and Charities to Universities.

Why so fast? We believe it is quite simple, Yo-Yo Desk® offers the best quality range of affordably priced standing desks and accessories to help office workers stand and move more comfortably.

Proudly partnering

Yo-Yo Desk® is incredibly proud to be a founding partner of the Get Britain Standing® campaign and a member of the Active Working® organisation. The Get Britain Standing® campaign continues to do great work in drawing attention to the serious health issues associated with prolonged and excessive sitting. Since this campaign launched in 2014 there have been some “outstanding” achievements:
  1. Main stream media coverage has increased leading to awareness of “Sitting Disease” issues more than doubling
  2. Sedentary behaviour research funding to UK organisations has more than quadrupled
  3. Penetration of standing or sit-stand desks in offices has grown from 1% (2013) to nearly 4% in (2017). In Denmark, the figure is over 90%
  4. Participation in On Your Feet Day® has risen to over 1 million office workers each year

Work Smart. Work Healthier.

Despite growing awareness and take-up there continues to be a serious lack of education around the benefits of #SitLess #MoveMore. Yo-Yo Desk® provide FREE GUIDELINES to all our customers to ensure that they adopt best practise when starting sit-stand working.

Healthy thanks to over 10,000 of our active working customers!